Kirstie Allsopp – Metal Press Monogram kit review

Hello all,

I took a quick trip up to Crawley a few weeks ago and just had to pop into Hobby Craft. I just love that shop and wanted to pick up something new to try. I saw this and just had to give it a go. So I thought I would share my experience with you.

This Kirstie Allsopp kit is just £25 and in the box you get:

Stamping Hammer

Metal Stamps

Metal Blanks

Metal Block

Instruction booklet

I went of Pinterest (of course) and saw some ideas but thought I would settle on a very simple ‘Love you’ for my first attempt…. Didn’t want to try anything too complicated yet.

The instructions say that you put tape down over the disc, not only to hold the blank down but also you use this to make sure your letters stay in line. 

You hold the stamp up right and level with one hand and with the other you give it a good tap with the hammer. 

Once you have finished your letters you then go over them with a permanent marker and quickly wipe it off. This means that the marker highlights the letters and they stand out much better. 

The only thing I did notice was, firstly when I hit the ‘E’ the top it didn’t really come out properly. It’s pretty ticky to go over the same letter again without printing them slightly differently, so I just left it but I guess the more you get used to it, the less this is an issue.

The second was I actually realised that I had used an upside down ‘Q’ rather than an ‘O’… Which really was just me being silly and not really paying attending and you can’t really notice it but now I know it’s there… It really bugs me haha

Over all I think this is a really nice kit. If you like making jewellery or even making gifts, this even says you can use it on cutlery as well… Which would make a lovely present. 

These would also make a really nice present as a kits, if you know someone who’s really crafty there are loads of different options for kits. 

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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