Winter 2016 essentials

Hello all,

With the weather finally starting to turn Wintery, I thought I would share with you some of my essential for this season

Hand cream:

With the cold comes dry and cracked hands. My favourite hand cream at the moment is The Body Shop’s Hemp hand cream. This is super moisturising and even if it doesn’t smell the best.


Anti Bac:

Tis the season of the cold and flu and if you work in an office like my it’s important to make sure you avoid the spreaders in the office. My sister just got back from New York and got me the┬áBath and Body Works, Pocket Bac. Perfect for just slipping in your bag, and smells lovely.

Night time tea:

Snuggling on the sofa on a cold night, there is nothing better than a hot drink. I don’t like to drink caffeinated drinks too late so I have started drink night time detox tea. This has a lovely warming herbalness (probably not a real word), I’m not sure how detoxing it actually is… As I haven’t been having the morning teas as well but it is lovely in the evenings.


Blanket scarf:

I got this idea from the girl opposite me at work, a scarf which can also double up as a blanket. With it only just getting cold the air conditioning hasn’t quite caught up yet. Therefore sometimes the office is just freezing, so have a scarf that doubles up as a blanket means that when its a little chillier I can keep warm at my desk with my scarf! Thanks Kim!


My feet are pretty much always cold, so I can’t live without a good pair of slippers…. these are not exactly practical …. but I just love unicorns!

Stay safe and warm this winter

lots of love

Kate xxx


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