eBay nose strips – Review/ First impression

Hello all,

I picked up this pack of 8 nose strips for just £1.81 from eBay, so I thought I would try them out and let you know what I thought of them.


So I ran myself a bath, picked up a good book and got one of these out the packet. They come attached to a clear plastic. You then peal them off and stick the black side to the tip and nostrils. you then make the outside damp and this then sticks it to your nose.

As I can’t really read the packaging I left for about 10 minutes until it had dried and then I pealed it off.

It was really simple to use, my nose felt soft and smooth after. It did leave a black residue on my nose but this simply washed off.

I’m not sure how affective this is on black heads but it does feel like you are having a pamper and at less than £2 for 8 strips, its very nice.

Check it out here:


Lots of love

Kate xxx

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