Kate’s Bump Diaries – 16 weeks, puking and getting rounder

Hello all,

So I know I have been quiet for a while,
but I’ve had a lot going on… if you don’t already know (or haven’t guessed
from the title of this post), I’m 16 weeks pregnant! Pretty exciting!

I thought this would be a good time to get
back into blogging and add some slightly different posts to my blog.

There are so many pregnancy/ mummy
bloggers out there already but I thought, why not add my 2 pence as well.

So from now I will be doing some posts on
my pregnancy, things I have found useful so far and really anything else I can
think of!

To start with, I thought I would give you
an update on my pregnancy so far….

So I am 16 weeks currently, I have had my
first scan at 12 weeks, and everything looks good so far!

Morning sickness, argh!

I started having morning sickness from
about 7 weeks, every single morning without fail until 12 weeks. Whereas all my
apps and reading online had told me it would stop. Pretty much to the day it
stopped, straight away. It was such a relief. It had been draining and killed
my throat. Well, I thought it had stopped anyway…. until about 7 days later
where it came back. Now I am sick pretty such every other day, which is a
little better.

I have tried everything to try and get rid
of it, ginger biscuits, crackers etc. but nothing seems to work, so now I just
get up, down a glass of water and get on with it. I normally feel much better
after and at least if I drink water I actually have something to remove from
my body!

Also, I have really started to show now, and
I am only 16 weeks. I was worried that I was getting too big too quickly and I
would end up HUGE by the end. After a quick Google, I looked at some pictures
and read some stories and everyone starts to show at different times. I am sure
some of mine is probably bloating but it’s not all of it, it’s definitely some
baby there! So, unless the midwife tells me differently tomorrow, I’m just happy
it’s growing.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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