Aldi Lacura Makeup – Review/ First impression March 2017

Hello all,

So this week I took a little trip to Aldi and saw they were selling makeup!?!? This is not something I knew, so I thought I would pick up a few bits and share my thoughts with you.

Lacura – Volume Sensationail Mascara – £2.49

So, for starters, I wasn’t massively impressed with the packaging, however, I did like the fact the wand was on the outside so you could see exactly what it looked like. It’s a large, thick wand, which I can sometimes find a little tricky to use and tend to get it everywhere. However, I really liked this. I was surprised with how well it worked. Sometimes it takes me a while to fall in love with a mascara, I like them more when they have dried a little, but I really liked this straight off. It really added volume to my lashes (see below). So impressed, and for £2.49… well that’s just a crazy price. I really would recommend this to anyone!

Lacura – Magic Curl Mascara – £2.49

Next up we have the ‘Magic Curl’ mascara. First of all, the packaging is adorable. I like the brush, its a good size and shape. I found this defined the lashes nicely, and maybe they curled a little but I don’t think it added much length (see below). This actually doesn’t matter to me too much, I think i’ll use this as more of a daytime/ ‘no makeup’ look. Again I think for a mascara which cost under £2.50 I was much more impressed than I was expecting.

Lacura – Concealer Pen – £2.99

Lastly we have this concealer pen. As I am not sleeping much at the moment, concealer is a real must! They only had 3 colours so I was a little worried I hadn’t chosen a great match, however I was pleasantly surprised, yet again. If I was the fault this at all, I would say the coverage probably isn’t quite as good as my normal concealer (Collection) but really, it did the job.

I was so surprised with the quality of these products for the price, I would recommend for everyone to give them a go. I know makeup is very individual, but for the price you can’t really go wrong.

I hope you enjoyed,

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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