London Road Meat Crawl – Brighton food review

Hello all,

Last weekend I embarked on an amazing journey with 4 friends. We completed the London Road Meat Crawl in Brighton…. ‘what’s that?’ I hear you say… well… 1 day, 1 road, 4 pubs and 4 amazing kitchens serving fantastic meat feasts.

First stop: The Joker – The Orange Buffalo

At our first stop we ordered their speciality chicken wings. We went for 10 of the ‘original’ flavour and 10 of the ‘Woof Woof’ wings. These were mid range heat, whist the original were ‘mild’, which for me is just right.

I would say I have never been a massive fan of chicken wings… Congratulations Orange Buffalo…. you have officially changed this… I hate to spoil the story at the beginning, but this was my favourite stop. I am not sure if it’s because I wasn’t expecting it, but I can’t wait to go back here!

Check out their website below:
Secondly: The Hare and Hound – La Choza

The next stop on our mission The Hare and Hound with the stars of the show La Choza. Here we ordered 3 mains between the 5 of us. We ordered the ‘Skinny W.O.W’ which was the burritos of the week, although on the menu it said it had no nice in it… which it clearly did, it was lush! The Pork was delicious. We also ordered the Taco with, I wanna say pulled pork (I can’t quite remember), and it was lovely. We also got the Quesadilla with Chicken and homemade chorizo… this was by far my favourite! Although cheese and chorizo is probably 2 of my favourite things in life, so that helped.

Thirdly: Worlds End – BBQ Shack

If you are a vegetarian then this challenge isn’t for you anyway, but this is not the place for you, unless you like just chips… which were fantastic to be fair. We ordered a sharing ‘combo’ platter, which we decided wouldn’t be enough, so we also ordered ribs. We did not require this amount of food for stop 3 of 4 but every bit of it was amazing. The brisket was tender, the ribs were sticky and the chicken was crunchy on the outside but juicy in the middle. Good work BBQ shack!
Last but not least: The Hobgoblin – Doughbo

Last, but by no means least, we have the fantastic dough ball from Doughbo. These sour dough balls stuffed with goodness were the perfect way to finish our day. We ordered a selection but I personally bad 1 with pulled pork, 1 with ham and cheese and lastly as dessert to finish off (and I know it’s not meat, but they ho) white and milk chocolate. Bite sizes pieces of yummy goodness, these really were worth the wait. I wouldn’t say I could eat many of them, but if you’re out drinking or out with friends, these make a great snack/ filler. I would recommend. – Doughbo

Well I hope you liked my little food review/ adventure and if you’re in Brighton and fancy attempting the challenge, make sure you take lots of pictures and use the hashtag #londonroadmeatcrawl

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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