Adopting an older rescue Cat – Len’s story

Hello all,

If you follow me on any social media you know that about 8 months ago I adopted Len from the RSPCA and I thought it was about time I shared his story with you all.

So this is Len, he was in the RSPCA for about a month before he went on their website and I went to go and see him.

Len on the streets:

He was found wandering around the streets, starving and covered in flees. Lucky for him, he knew the best place to go and headed for my friend’s house…. oh… and he happens to work at the cattery at the RSPCA. After a bath, flee treatment and lots of food (and I know how much he loves his food) he was taken into the RSPCA centre, where he stayed for a month. As they were watching Strictly Come Dancing at the time and they agreed he was about 10-years-old, they decided to name him after the beloved Len Goodman, which I think is the perfect name for this gorgeous old guy. They advertised and put flyers around looking for his owner but they were unable to locate them. That’s when I come in…

Love at first sight:

As soon as I saw those eyes on the RSPCA website I fell in love! When we moved into our house I told my husband that I wanted a cat and even though he is actually slightly allergic, we lived with my parents who have a cat and he didn’t have a problem. So after I saw this adorable fluffy thing on the website we headed there the following weekend.

I really only saw the one cat, and that was it. For those who don’t believe in love at first sight, it was that with Len…. it sounds soppy and ‘he is only a cat’ but I have and always will be a crazy cat lady. I stepped inside his cage and quietly sat at the back. Knowing cats well I didn’t want to spook him. I waiting for his curiosity to take over and for him to come to me. He had a confidence about him and he came straight up to me and curled up on my lap, straight away showing me his tummy for tickles.

Coming home:

After all the relevant check and paperwork etc we were cleared to take him home. The day before I went out and brought everything needed to ensure I could take the proper care of the fur monster.  I went and raided the local Pets at Home and came back with food and water bowls, toys, wet and dry food and a bed (the bed to this day has not been used…. not even stepped on… but he does love his toys thankfully).

I was advised by the RSPCA that it would take him a few days to settle in, he might hide away for a while and would probably be very scared. With this in mind I took the cage out to the conservatory, this is a quiet part of the house where he could settle in quietly, his food and water was there and he could sit in the sun if he wanted to but we wouldn’t be around scaring him…. he had other plans…

As soon as I opened the cage he was straight out, he went and smelled every inch of the whole house, I think after this he decided he liked it. We sat on the sofa watching TV and let him do his thing. After he inspected the place, he came into the front room, jumped onto my lap and fall asleep (see picture below)

8 months later:

8 months after bringing this thing home and I’m still just as in love. He’s constantly causing trouble, for an old boy he incredibly cheeky and at the same time so soppy.

He brought in his first bird the other day, I was disgusted but my husband was very proud! To be honest I didn’t think he was clever enough to catch a bird (and I’m still not convinced that he didn’t steal another cats kill). He jumps at closed windows, he scratches the carpets and he leaves chunks of fur everywhere, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He knows when I’m down and need a cuddle, he sleeps at my feet and he wakes me up for work when I over sleep (ok, he just wans feeding, but it’s still very useful). He also talks to me, it sounds crazy but he a very vocal cat and responds when I talk to him.

He loves nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa and getting attention. I know its hard adopting an older cat as they won’t be around quite as long as a kitten, but it’s so worth it and he’s just as cute as a kitten, if not more.

He has his own instagram page if you would like to follow him on @acatcalledlen where you get regular picture updates.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the little fuzz ball,

lots of love



  1. 23/05/2017 / 8:51 am

    I love this! We adopted our cat Lola and it’s the best thing ever 🙂 she was about 3/4 when we adopted her so not as old but the woman at the centre said that they were finding it really hard to regime her cause she’s a black cat… so many people think they’re unlucky they’re always left behind 😦 I’m glad your little fur ball has settled in well! X

    • Kate
      26/05/2017 / 3:29 pm

      Hi Laura, Adopted cats are the best, they need extra love and care 🙂 Thanks for the comment x

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