Unisex baby nursery decorating!

Hello all,

If you guys don’t know already I like to be super organised, so before I start buying furniture for the baby’s nursery I wanted to make sure all the painting and decorating was finished and most of the nasty paint smell gone.

I took before, during and after pics, so I thought I would share my decorating journey with you…. I am also super proud of how it turned out!

First of all, I spend, in total, about 100,000 hours (ok… maybe an exaggeration) looking through Pinterest to get inspiration for the nursery. There are some stunning ideas out there, so if you are planning on painting or evening just getting some accessory ideas for a room, I would always suggest looking here for ideas first.

Any who, as we outdoors/ mountain/ walking fans, it was always going to end up being the theme for our baby’s room and not knowing if it’s a boy or a girl its a pretty uni-sex theme.

I had a rough idea of what colours I wanted, so we headed over to our local B&Q and spent far too long working out the correct shades of grey and green! We finally decided on the below (the middle grey is actually more grey than it looks in the photo).

See below a before picture and after picture below:

On the opposite wall I started by painting the whole wall the lovely Stone Grey colour and did 2 coats of this to ge the perfect coverage.

To create the mountain shapes I used Frog Tape from B&Q. This is supposed to reduce leakage of paint under it (or something like that). So I taped out the outline and where I wanted the dark grey to go.

Once I had filled in the dark grey, I did 2 coats of this and whilst the second coat was still drying I removed all the tape I no longer needed, just leaving the outline for the while mountain peaks.

Once the grey had completely dried (I left it a few days) I carefully taped over the top of the dark grey to line up and painted in the white. Again, I did 2 coats of this and whilst the second was still wet removed all the remaining tape.

I personally think this look really good, considering I haven’t done anything like it before, I am proud of my work.

Once we find out what the little Bubba is, I want to get a wall sticker which says either ‘When she wakes she will move mountains’ or ‘When he wakes……’. I have seen these on Amazon and think it would just finish off the room nicely.

Next up will be buying the furniture for the room which is very exciting!

I hope you enjoyed,

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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