Alfriston afternoon tea and the cutest shop – Guest post!

Hello all,

So today me and my fiancé decided to head to a nearby town called Alfriston to have afternoon tea. We love to go for food in different places we haven’t been to before and after driving through Alfriston on the way home last weekend we thought it would be just the place. It didn’t disappointment, it is a
beautiful, quaint, little town only known by many for its small zoo and amusements on the A27.

We parked in the village car park which you can park in for 3 hours without having to pay a penny! Absolute bargain coming from someone who pays over £3.00 an hour to park in Brighton town centre.
We wandered up the high street looking at every tea room menu trying to find one that was slightly different to the rest and boy did we find a good one! It’s called The Apiary and it is the most British tea room you’ll ever see. All of the staff were friendly and I knew as soon as I looked down the hall and saw the beautiful gardens that we needn’t walk any further.

The menu is very small and if you are not after scones, Quiche or ploughman’s then you best go next door to the pub. We ordered our drinks, tea for me and coffee for him. We then both ordered a ploughman’s, my fiance ordered a cheese ploughman and I ordered pate. The bread was warm when it came out and the pate’ in a really cute espresso cup and anything that’s in a cute pot/cup/tin or jar seems to make it taste even better.
Our lunch only came to just under £20.00 together which is actually really good value and I will definitely be going back again when we next have some time off.

After finishing lunch we carried on wandering around the beautiful little village and came across a shop called Wallow. As soon as I walked in I have to grab my phone out and start taking photos to send to my sister, I knew it would be somewhere she would love.

They had the cutest baby grows, muslin cloths and baby booties in so many cute patterns. However they were a little expensive and its before pay-day so unfortunately for my sister and her little baby bump there were no presents today.

They also had really lovely little stationery bits, to me it seemed like a mix between Cath Kidston and Berts.

If you want to go check them out visit

Overall I would definitely recommend if you live in or around East Sussex and would like a quaint little afternoon out then definitely Alfriston is somewhere to visit.

Love Charlie,

I hope you enjoyed this guest post from my sister!

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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