Secret Saviours – Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

Hello all,

As you are all aware I am currently 27 weeks pregnant, when I was around 13/14 weeks pregnant I was approached to try some products by the company Secret Saviours, I of course snapped up the chance.

They sent me over their kit which has 3 parts, a Day Gel, Support Band and Night cream.

The day gel is a thickish gel, you used about 2-3 pumps and massage into your bump and this leaves your skin tacky and cooled. After this you use the Support band over the top and the tacky gel holds it in place.
There are small pads on the inside of the band, which are designed to even out the stretching of the skin to prevent stretch marks.
Don’t be scared when after your first use you are left with small red marks covering your belly where the pads have been, this is perfectly normal and goes down quickly (I did have to google this!).

I love the band, now my bump has got bigger I really feel that not only does it help the stretch marks but I feel like it supports my bump and takes a bit of pressure off.

I did find with the band that sometimes the bottom would fold up if I did a lot of standing and sitting throughout the day, to stop this I just tucked the bottom of the band into my knickers…. that did the trick.

The night cream is my favourite of the three products! It smells just amazing! It has that smell of when you walk into a nice spa for a message or a facial.
Early on in my pregnancy I brought quite a few different products which were meant to prevent stretch marks and I didn’t really get on with any of them. I found them either too oily or it felt like the cream/ oil sat of the surface of my skin and didn’t really ever sink in, however with this cream it sunk in really quickly and left my tummy feeling soft and smooth all night.

I am getting to the end of my use with the size band I currently have, but you can easily purchase another size band separately, the same goes for the cream and gel, although I have been using mine for weeks and I have plenty left.

Check out their website:

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