Return of the blogger – Child birth, weddings and month 1 update

Hello all,

It’s been a while, but I have been kinda busy. As most of you will probably know from my social media accounts, Baby O finally arrived. Little Toby was born on the 5th September at 11:40.

He decided to be like his mother, and come early. I won’t go into detail, but long story short, my waters broke and I ended but being induced. So he arrived exactly a week early. I wont lie, it was hard but actually no where near as bad as what I was expecting. We had a few complications following his arrival into the world and he ended up being taken in the Special baby care unit. They were so wonderful there, they took great care of him and he is perfectly fine now.

We stayed in hospital 4 days and got discharged the day before my sisters wedding. Which was great, it meant I still got to go along, get ready and see my baby sister get married (ok… not so much baby ;)). I only managed the ceremony and even that was hard work. We had only been out the hospital just over 12 hours but I think it really helped us. It meant that we had to leave the house and to be honest, if we didn’t I dont know when we would have! It could have been days!

Brendon had 2 weeks off work, obviously the first one we were in hospital the whole week, so the second week we really forced ourselves to get out the house. We went for lunch, coffee and some walks again this was to make sure that when Brendon was back at work I wasn’t too scared to go out on my own.

Toby is 5 weeks old now and I can’t believe how much he has changed already. He’s amazing. *Touch wood* he doesn’t sleep too badly, it sometimes takes a little while to settle but in general he sleeps very well. He’s gaining weight nicely and I think he is just starting to go through a growth spirt as he is a proper greedy guts at the moment. Everyday he’s getting more and more active, looking around, starting to focus on this, making cute new noises (and some not so cute noises haha) and starting to develop his own little personality and I can’t wait to help him learn and grow.

Anyway, now I am starting to get the hang of this multitasking, 1 handed, sleep deprived parenting, hopefully I can start writing some blog posts again!

If you want to see more pictures of my little bubba, pop over to my instagram page… there are hundreds!

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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