My favourite things about being a mum, apart from my beautiful baby…

Hello all,

I am loving being a mummy, seeing my little boy learn and grow every day is amazing and he truly is the love of my life…. but there are so many other reasons I am loving being a mummy I thought I would share some of them

1) Talking to yourself in public becomes perfectly acceptable when you have a baby
Ok, so I’m not actually talking to myself, I’m talking to my baby, but it looks like I’m talking to myself. I did this before I had a baby, but now, even if I’m not talking to bubs, it looks like I am. Also goes for singing in public, which I now happily do out loud (very loud) just for fun, to my baby, honestly.

2) Buying a stupid amount of baby clothes just because they are cute
My husband asked me today how many days last week I went shopping, I’m not really sure why he asked, I don’t think he really wants to know. The answer was 4 out of 7, I don’t think I actually answered and I am hoping he doesn’t read this 😉 To be fair, one of those was with him and the other was food shopping (which should never count) and the other 2…. well …. they were for baby stuff…. I didn’t buy a lot but it is a kind of addiction. I just like him to look cute, he has some fab outfits 🙂

3) Meeting for coffee and cake…. many many times a week
I bloody love coffee and cake, its my favourite thing to do. This is a bit counter productive to losing baby weight…. but I am still using the ‘but I just had a baby’ excuse, I believe this sticks until you have a toddler and then you lose it chasing them around… probably 😉
Coffee loyalty cards fill up pretty quickly and I am even brave enough now just to go sit and have coffee on my own (well with bubs). I am definitely making up for the lack of caffeine during pregnancy

4) Mum and baby groups
I knew I would be one of those mums who loves these groups (mainly because I have no problem singing loudly in public, as previously stated). I love seeing the other babies, I love singing the songs and I love getting to chat to the other mums. I can’t wait to do other classes like baby sign, music bugs and messy play!

5) Last but most important by far……My lovely new mummy friends
I did a private antenatal class and met the most amazing group of women. I’ll write a detailed post about the class later on but it was the best thing I could have done.
A few friends from work told me about doing them when I was pregnant but they were reasonably expensive and the only real reason they could give me for doing them was that you made friends. At the time I thought, well, why do I need to pay that amount of money for friends… I have a whole bunch of friends that I already have for free. I ended up giving in and going anyway… mainly out of fear or having to look after a baby. I can truly say I would pay double just for the people I met. I now have a group of women who are going through exactly the same things as me, at pretty much the same time. They are supportive, in no way at all judgemental, free therapy, amazing advice givers and are raising equally amazing babies that will be such good friends for my son. I love these women already, its been 6ish months since I met them and they are already a massively important part of all our lives. I hope they read this just so they know how much they mean to me. Also, it’s nice to have people as excited as me when my baby poops or sleeps 😉
I also reconnected with an old friend, purely because we have babies and we can talk about babies, but they have become very special as well and have done so much for me and my boy.
I still love my free friends very very much as well… but really, they are family 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below if you’re a mummy and what your favourite things are or if you’re not yet, what are you most looking forwards to

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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