Primark Beauty and Skincare product reviews and where my blog is going…

Hello all,

Again, its been a while, but being a new mummy and blogging is a lot harder than I expected it to be. Currently writing this whilst bubba is asleep next to me, fingers crossed he lets me write this quickly! Well done to all those full time mummy bloggers out there, RESPECT!
Hopefully now we are starting to get into a routine a bit more I can start writing a bit more, although currently my life revolves around baby products. I wanted to avoid writing posts about baby stuff because there are so many out there…. but you know what…. No one is me… and I should write about what I want to write about…. therefore…. I will start writing posts about my bubba, my experiences …. and products I have been enjoying so far! So… I hope you don’t mind too much… If you do… Don’t read them 😉 I will still write beauty/ lifestyle stuff… but babies are my lifestyle now haha!

Sorry for blabbering away…. here is the post!

I love a beauty and skincare bargain… so when I saw the new range from Primark come out I just had to give it a go and I also picked up some of the old range.

PHr is the new range and this is all based around ‘Performance Hydration’ and contains products which will keep you looking and feeling good during and post workout.

The first product I picked up was a set which contains blotting pads, waterproof mascara, hydrating primer and lip balm. This little set, including the bag was just £6 which considering most highstreet primers are more than this, I thought it was a bargain.

I used this the other day before I went to the gym and I must say, in general I was pretty impressed. I liked the mascara, it stood up to a pretty intense Pump session (it was just a normal pump session…. but I’m very unfit!). The primer it very refreshing, it did make me a little shiny but as I got the Face Powder (below) which sorted me out. The lip balm was very nice and didn’t leave my lips too slippery. I was not a fan of the blotting pads, which is a real shame. I normally love having these in my bag to quickly sort myself out during the day, but these are just like craft paper and didn’t really seem to do anything.

Pollution Protection Face cream with SPF 15.

I will only use SPF face cream now after a friend told me years ago just how bad it is not to use them, and lets be honest, I need all the help I can get 😉 I love this stuff. It’s moisturising without being sticky and tacky and seems to dry quickly.

Foaming Face wash and Micellar Cleansing wipes

I love a bit of skin care and when I saw these I just had to grab them. I’m not going to lie (I never would to you guys!) I don’t like the face wash, I find it really drys my poor skin out and with the weather like it is, its really not helping! I think if you have oily skin this might work for you, but I have combination skin anyway which is quite dry in the winter…. so no good for me at all. However, I bloody love these wipes the even get rid of the waterproof mascara, which I did not expect! Very happy with these and will be getting them again!

PS Love to Glow Instant Radiance Serum

My ideal look is nice glowing skin, but not looking sweaty… this serum is ok, I wouldn’t go any further than that. Not one to rush out and buy. I am not sure it did much more than the moisturiser.

Hydration Boost Fast Mist – I got this to go in my gym bag to spritz on my fact after a workout, hoping to avoid walking back through the gym and to my car with a bright red face. I really like this stuff! It smells nice, it cooling and I really think it does help my face!

Macaroon Blender Sponges. I don’t normally use these for make up but I use this with the face powder above and not only are they really cute but they do the job…. and would make great props for a flat lay 😉

Overall I would recommend giving this a go, obviously if you have sensitive skin be a little careful but I do and haven’t had any problem (apart from post baby hormone skin!)

If you have tried any of the products let me know what you thought

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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