My Bottle feeding essentials

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For various reasons, which I won’t be going into in this post, I ended up bottle feeding my baby. As this wasn’t what we had originally planned we were very unprepared and had no idea where to start. After a few sleepless nights, through purely having no idea what to do, we did some research, read blogs and talked to friends about their bottle feeding experience and now, 4 months in, these are my bottle feeding essentials.

These are the 5 things I could not live without. This is not a sponsored post

1) Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine

The biggest issue we had when we started bottle feeding was the amount of time it was taking to cool down a bottle. By the time we had boiled a fresh kettle, made the milk and run it under the tap, for what felt like 100 years, we had a screaming, inconsolable baby which wasn’t good for any of us. So on the second bottle feeding day, after hundreds of good reviews online and friends recommendation we went out and got one. The machine single handedly saved mine and my husbands sanity. In 2 minutes we have a perfect temperature bottle and a very happy baby. Now we know our baby a little better, he’s much easier to predict when he will want feeding, but in the first few weeks it was impossible, so to be able to have a bottle ready that quickly was impossible

2) Tommee Tippee Travel food warmer

The prep machine is a lifesaver at home but not really that suitable for bottle on the go so we buy ready mixed formula, this is a little more expensive but for us its the most convenient. However, my little pickle will not (no matter how much I try) take milk at room temperature. This thermos is the perfect size to slip into my changing bag with some sterilised bottle and pre mixed milk for easy, on the go feeding.

3) Muslins …. hundreds and thousands of muslins!

Bottle or breast fed, muslins are a lifesaver. Baby sick, dribble, blankets, comforters or toys my baby boy loves a muslin and so do I. You can never have enough of these, I have loads but some of my favourites are from Aldi and TKMaxx, these are well priced and have lasted being washed almost every other day. The Aldi ones are a good burp cloth size but I really love the TKMaxx ones because the ones I have brought are HUGE! So these I use for everything.

4) Nursing Timer app

2 hours sleep, 100 bottle a day (ok maybe not 100) and a screaming baby it can be hard to keep track of the last time baby fed and how much they have been having, so this app is so useful. I update this every time I feed and then you can start to see a pattern take place. My boy feeds roughly every 3 hours during the day and then will go through the night (I try and not tell too many new mums this…. because I want friends!) so this helps me monitor how much he is having. When he was a new born there was no real pattern but I used the amount he was drinking to know when to make bigger bottles.

5) Hand sanitising gel

It may seem like common sense but clean surfaces and had are vital when bottle feeding and making bottle. I obviously always wash my hands but to be doubley sure and when out and about I always use hand sanitiser. They are convenient and effective,

I hope, if you’re bottle feeding, thinking about bottle feeding or its 2am and you need help just like I did, that you found this useful.

If you have any bottle feeding essentials please share below

Kind regards,

Kate xxx

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