Introducing Casper, the VW Campervan!!

Hello all,

In March this year me and my hubby took the plunge and brought ourselves a VW T5 camper. It has been a dream of my hobby’s for…. Well as long as I have known him…. To own one, so as you can imagine it’s a pretty exciting new adventure.

Originally we were going to buy a vintage T2, the classic campervan, however these beautiful things are just not reliable. We don’t know much about cars and would spend a lot of time learning and tinkering with it, so after much debate we settled on its much younger brother. The advantages are its more reliable and (hopefully) cheaper to maintain is that garages can work on them and also,we can take it to adventures far and wide. There will always be a bit of us that will want a vintage one and you never know, 10/ 20/ 30 years from now, we might get one, but for now, Casper is the newest member of the family.

In the 6 months we have had Casper (oh, that’s his name) we have already gone on loads of adventures from less than a mile down the road from our house, all the way up to the amazing Yorkshire dales. I think I will write a bit about each trip separately but I’ll give you a quick peek at some of the pictures:

Here are my top favourite things about camping in Casper, so far:

1) How cool I feel: driving around in a camper is one of the coolest feelings, as well as sitting with a beer whilst camping!

2) Being outside: I think being outside is so therapeutic. I know if I’ve been camping for the weekend I come back feeling happy and refreshed and my son just loves being outside as well

3) Toby getting to see places: in the short year he’s been here, my son has been camping more times than some people have in a lifetime. He’s already been to so many different places and I know he will continue to see and do so many things. I know at the moment he can’t really appreciate it fully, however a change of scene does him good and I really can see how happy exploring new places makes him.

4) No putting up or drying a tent: we went camping for so many year when we lived in our tiny flat and even now in our house I hate trying to hang up the tent to dry or air after a trip away. But with a camper, none of that and when we arrive just pop the roof and ready to go.

5) Being able to just get up and go: it’s so nice to be able to go ‘hey, let’s just go camping this weekend’. We throw some clothes in a bag and off we go. Most campsites we have been to we have booked but there are plenty you can just turn up to, especially outside of the school holidays.

I’ll be doing some reviews of campsites we have been to, so I hope you’re looking forward to those!

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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