The journey back to me….

Hello all,

So it’s been a while and I know I write a post like this every 6 months or so, when I have let blogging slip, yet again, however, I really want to go get back into it and find myself again…

My wonderful son has just turned 1, and I really do love him more than anything, but I do feel in the last year I lost a bit of me. I don’t wear makeup very often, I wear big baggy clothes because of all the weight I have put on, I don’t exercise and I don’t blog.

I know these things seem silly but I definitely think it has affected my mental health, not saying I am depressed or anything like that, but I have lost a bit of my ‘get up and go’. I am determined to change this, not only for myself but for my son, and here are some of the things I want to go to help myself.

1)      Lose weight:

My goal is to lose 2st 12lbs. I don’t want to do anything drastic but I want to watch my calories, eat a little healthier and start cooking again. I use Toby as an excuse to throw food, easy, beige food in the oven, when really I have enough time to sort something out if I really wanted to and I do actually enjoy cooking (although my husband doesn’t like to amount of washing up I create haha)

2)      Get back into exercising:

I literally have no fitness left, I get out of breath if I talk too quickly! I use time as an excuse for this, I can’t work out before work because I have my son and after work I have dinner etc. Actually, when my hubby gets home from work, there is no reason why I can’t go to the gym, I pay for it after all or even a quick walk. I have the weekend and also 2 days off in the week where I could easily go for a walk with him!

3)      Take more pride in my appearance :

I have basically only worn makeup when I have to and even then, it’s slapped on. I haven’t had my eye brows done in far too long. I shave my legs when I start to get complaints from the hubby. I only buy clothes I really need to.

This needs to change. It sounds silly but for me, when I dress up and look nice, I feel better. Even if it’s something little like painting my toe nails, I feel a little more human. In my pre mummy life, I loved doing my makeup and even having clean hair, these things seem like such an effort now. I do really have time and I should do it. Ok so buying clothes at the moment may seem pointless if I want to lose weight, but I don’t need to spend a lot, just a few items to get me through.

4)      Clean house, clean mind:

Ok, so Mrs Hinch has taken over the world and I have officially joined the army. If you have no clue what I am talking about, check out @Mrshinchhome_x on Instagram. She is a cleaning goddess, who makes even people like me want to get up and clean. For me, this helps in a few different ways, I have a clean and organised home but also, rather than sitting down snacking and being lazy, I get up and have a clean or even just sort out a draw.

5)      Get outside more:

This is another that will help a few areas but I love outside, and so does my son. Even if it’s a walk, a trip to the park or even a National Trust site (that again, I pay membership for and hardly use). We can make memories together outside, whilst also getting exercise and not eating rubbish (well unless I stop in the café for a cake…. No, no, must remember number 1 ;))

So I am going to use my blog now as a space to not only share the things I love (as always) but to share the journey to me and my new life as mother and woman, both not one or the other.

I hope you enjoy the new content coming your way, I always love feedback and comments so please contact me in anyway

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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