Camping in the Yorkshire Dales

Hi all,

So, as promised, I will start sharing my campervan adventures with you all. We have done a few little adventures in the camper, but the Yorkshire Dales was our first proper adventure, so that’s what I will start with.

After a long 6ish hour drive we arrived at the first campsite, Gordale Scar campsite. Now the hubby had warned me about this, the reviews were interesting and they didn’t shed a good light on the facilities. I urge you to have a read through this yourself, if anything it makes a good read 😉

So we pulled up to this campsite which is in the middle of nowhere (my favourite kind!), and tried to look for someone to pay, there was no one around. So after sitting there for about 20 mins, we decided to just find somewhere to pitch and pay them later.

We drove into a sheep field (including what the sheep had left around) and found a flat spot. After the long drive I decided to check out the facilities…. Surly it couldn’t be as bad as expected…. Well…. I was met with what only can be described as a ‘hoarder’s paradise’. Anything that any campers had left behind, for what must be the last 10-20 years, had been kept and carefully organised into sections. I wish I had actually taken some pictures of it because it really was something else! Also, we were woken up in the morning by a farmer herding sheep around the van… literally around it. That was fun to watch!

Things I loved about the campsite:

· It was in the middle of nowhere

· It felt like proper camping

· It was quiet

· It was walking distance to some beautiful walks…. If that even makes sense

· It was soooo cheap!

Some of the things that weren’t so good:

· The stuff, it really was everywhere

· The facilities were not great

· The grass on the site was covered in sheep poo (because it was a sheep field)… but this meant Toby couldn’t crawl around (luckily we had a play pen)

The second campsite:

The second site we went to was slightly more traditional. It was still a grass pitch, and you could park wherever you wanted, but it had much better facilities. It had a drying room, showers, nice clean toilets and even a small shop which had basic things like milk, bread, marshmallows etc. It was still a working farm, with tractors coming and going but this just added to the experience. It was also a short walk, over the field to the small village of Muker, there was had a lovely pub lunch with some fantastic Yorkshire Dales beer!

Things I loved about this site:

· Grass was nice and clean, meaning Toby could crawl free

· The facilities were fantastic

· The owners were nice, friendly and happy to help

· They had little ducklings! They were adorable…. I kept taking Toby to see them…. Just so I could

Things I didn’t like as much:

· Wasn’t crowded, by any means, but coming from a completely dead campsite it was busier. Also there was a group of kids doing D of E, but they were actually really well behaved and not too noisy.

· ….that’s pretty much it….

Over all we had a great trip and I liked both campsites for their own uniqueness. I loved the Yorkshire Dales and its definitely somewhere I would like to visit again!

Have you been to the Yorkshire Dales before, where would you recommend?

Lots of love

Kate xxx

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