New year and all that…

Hello all,

It’s another post where I write ‘I am going to write more’, ‘I am going to keep fit’ blah blah blah… well I kinda am… but also not…

So, for the last few months I have been keeping a traditional diary, rather than writing on here. Mainly because in my head this was quicker than taking fancy pictures and spending days making sure my content was 100%. Where actually, that’s all well and good but it means I am not writing in my blog (which I do actually enjoy doing) but I still kinda am.

I was looking back over what I had written in my diary and actually, there is nothing in there I wouldn’t mind sharing on here. So rather than scribbling my thoughts in private, I thought I would share them on here, because you never know, there may be another sleep deprived mum out there, awake at 3am googling or people just interested and something I write but help, comfort or even just entertain.

I mean 99% of my diary currently is logging how little sleep I am getting with my toddler…. but in between this, there are some amusing/ interesting bits of information… well I think so anyway, I am starting from today.

I went out last night for the first time in…. well…. I can’t even remember the last time, which is ok. I never was, or am a big ‘goer outer’ but I do enjoy being sociable. There was a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a awfully long time, like, faaaarrrr too long, we had a bit of bad news in our extended friendship group just before Christmas and I think it gave everyone a bit of a kick in the butt to get together. It shouldn’t be the way, but people grow apart and do difference things but still, just once a year wouldn’t hurt and it would mean that we all stayed in touch.

I got a full night sleep last night….. I am not bragging, I am just shocked…. I mean, I am not holding my breath for tonight, but it’s always nice to have a little boost. I think that makes 3/7 this week…. we are almost at 50% of the week. He’s got an awful cold now though, poor little thing, so I think I’ll be up most of tonight.

Today, is Sunday, which means swimming lessons. Toby was a little up and down today in his lesson, but you know what its like when you have a cold and feeling a little under the weather. He normally loves it! He does Water Babies Brighton & Mid Sussex, the teacher is amazing and he’s come on so much already. It’s also a really nice activity for Brendon to do with him.

This afternoon we did house work and watched Labyrinth today, which Toby loved… well… mainly the songs, which is find by me!

We went out for a meal this evening with my family, as a sort of ‘Christmas’ get together as we were all super busy over Christmas and its difficult to all get together. Like I said, Toby is a little under the weather at the moment but he always loves see the extended family, especially his cousin, so that cheered him up a bit!

That’s it for today… I’m now off to make hot chocolate and probably go to bed!… and its 8pm…


Kate x

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